a list of court of mist and fury chapters

Chapter 1: A⁤ Court ⁣of Dreams
Chapter 2: House of Beasts
Chapter 3: Night Triumphant
Chapter 4: Malec Nightshade
Chapter 6: Wings and Fury
Chapter ​5: The Shadow and ‌the Queen
Chapter 7:​ Nuala
Chapter 8: Velaris
Chapter 9: ⁤Court of Shadows
Chapter 10: Starfall
Chapter 11: The Weaver
Chapter 12: Hailstorm
Chapter 13: The Meeting
Chapter 14:⁢ Queen of Mist
Chapter 15: The ⁣Oathbreaker
Chapter ‌16: The Burning Sky
Chapter ⁢17: Masks and Shadows
Chapter 18: The Truth Within
Chapter 19: Court of Dreams
Chapter 20: Wings and Flame
Chapter 21:​ The Unbreakable Bond
Chapter 22: The ⁢Final Sacrifice
Chapter 23: Beyond the‍ Veil
Chapter 24: ⁣A Court ⁢of Mist and Fury
Chapter 25: Wings and Ruin
Chapter 26: The‌ Endless Cycle
Chapter 27: Above the Stars
Chapter 28:​ Dawn and Shadows
Chapter 29: The Ultimate Journey
Chapter 30: The Spellbinding End